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Rise & Shine Solar

Your electric bill keeps increasing…save money by owning an American-Made solar system!

Reasons to Choose
Rise & Shine Solar

  • Premium Efficient Solar Panels

  • Monitoring and Control of Each Panel with Optimizers

  • Integrated Battery Storage System Available

  • Locally Owned and Operated with In-House Installation Crews

  • 25 Year Warranty

  • Servicing Northern California

Why Solar, Now?

  • The Cost of Solar Has Dropped by >50% in the Past Few Years

  • 100% Financing with $0 Dollar Down Available

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit Reducing Initial Investment

  • Commercial Customers Enjoy Accelerated Depreciation Write-Off

  • Control the Cost of Electricity by Generating Your Own — PG&E Electricity Rates Increased 14% in 12 Months

Customer Testimonials

We are so happy to install solar in our home. Our electric bills were typically $200 or more per month. After solar, we now pay nearly zero. Frank was very knowledgeable about solar and its technology. He was very patient as we debated on different sizing and designs. At the end, we received exactly what we wanted.

Henry P.

Customer Testimonials

R&S was a great choice. After comparing a few contractors, we found R&S to be the best value considering they use modules from the US and microinverters.

Tim M.

Customer Testimonials

My company chose R&S for our office. The installation team was very professional and responsive. I will definitely choose them for my home install as well in the future.

Dave D.

Residential Solar


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