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Rise & Shine Solar
For Commercial and Industrial

Solar will not only save on the bottom line but can
also drive top line growth as well…

For Business Owners


There are few investments a business owner can make that has certainty in return on investment. Solar is one of them. A solar system will not only help you save on energy costs, it makes your electricity costs more predictable as you will be shielded from the inevitable increases in electricity rates. Furthermore, employing environmentally friendly solar energy and promoting it as such can increase interest in your business from the community.

Property Owners


Not only can a property owner take advantage of the 30% investment tax credit on the solar modules but on the costs associated with preparing the roof for solar as well. When coupled with accelerated depreciation, the payback time could be a few years. A solar system will reduce operating costs and potentially offer an additional revenue stream by selling electricity through a landlord-tenant PPA. Having an environmentally friendly, low cost energy source will attract more prospective tenants, increase occupancy, and elevate property value.

Switch to Solar in 3 Easy Steps


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R&S will do the rest – permitting, installation, utility hook up, and even switch your bill to net metering

Residential Solar


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