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Rise and Shine For Your Home

Saving on your home’s electric bill is easy and less expensive than you think…

Switch to Solar in 3 Easy Steps


Contact us with your address and average electricity usage info.


We will schedule a free consultation with a customized solution on how solar can save you money


R&S will do the rest – permitting, installation, utility hook up, and even switch your bill to net metering

Why Lease When You Can Own Your Own Solar System?

Owning your own solar system has the highest return on investment. Zero upfront costs that solar leasing companies advertise may sound appealing on the surface, but when you look deeper, you will soon realize it is not such a good deal after all. Leasing companies will take your 30% tax credit, load you with annual electric rate increases just like the utilities, and will charge a higher electricity rate than what the system costs to generate.

Going Solar Is One Of The Best Decisions Anyone Can Make.

With the cost of solar dramatically decreasing in the past few years, now is the ideal time to install solar. By owning your system, you can lock in on your electricity rate for the entire lifetime of the system. Typical payback time is ~5-7 years with a rate of return on your investment at >15%. Investing is solar makes financial sense.

Rise & Shine uses the most technological advanced components to ensure your system reliably performs over the 25 year lifetime. We partnered with the module manufacturer directly to provide high efficiency panels at low cost…and made in America too! We offer microinverters that optimize the output of each module and allows monitoring of individual panels. These microinverters are typically an additional cost item with other installers. Not so with R&S. We believe your home deserves the best system at an affordable cost.

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