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Solar for Your Home

If you’re looking for a reliable solar energy system made custom for your existing and future needs Rise & Shine Solar is your right choice.


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Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar Now

The Federal Tax Credit, low financing rates, and alarming utility rates are the top three reasons customers have to go solar now instead of waiting around.

Custom Solar Energy Systems

We don’t limit you to what one manufacturer wants you to have. Instead, we look at your life, your house and how you use energy. Then we custom-design solar system options that meet your specific energy needs, and help you choose the best one for your life.

Flexibility for the future

Over the 25-year life of your system, your own life is likely to evolve. Your solar system is designed to evolve with you. Our solar systems can accommodate multiple storage options and other functionality like an EV charger when the time is right.

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